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Nice feedback for THE EBERTBROTHERS  "SUSTEN PASS" [press reviews]

Cyclic Defrost /

...While at 19 tracks over 76 minutes there’s the occasional sense that things could have been trimmed down here slightly, on the whole ‘Susten Pass’ is an impressive collection of darkly cinematic electronics that’s well worth your time...


Headphone Commute /

 ...Shoving their foot into the passage of experimental IDM genre, the brothers show off their daring side, when approaching uncharted territories of abstract sound. Interleaved with short vignettes, the nineteen tracks challenge even the ears accustomed to onslaught of Autechre. Begging to be picked up by Skam, Rephlex, or even Warp, the seemingly random synthesis easily lands in the camp of intelligent music...


Igloo Magazine /

 ...Susten Pass offers considerable diversion, is artfully designed and well sequenced into album flow. Moreover, it’s a work that, while far from seeking to ingratiate, is somehow imbued with an ineffable substance that’s oddly intoxicating...


Vital Weekly /

 ...There is a pleasant cinematic feel on the album that also uses sounds, reminiscent of an earlier era of electronic music absorbed into the sounds of the contemporary scene. A very interesting  and catchy experimental album from The Ebertbrothers...


 Kultur[terrorismus] /


 Raveline Magazin /


Ether Real /


Transistora /